Imprints At Home and Away

Even though the blog has been relatively quiet over the last few months, I’ve been working hard behind the scenes on my new project, my new etsy shop featuring travel photography. Its name is Imprints at Home and Away and it’s finally ready and open for business!

Living in Dubai made me think a lot about what makes a house on the other side of the globe feel like home. None of my friends was from Dubai and most had plans to leave at some point. With such a transient and diverse population, I really enjoyed seeing how people chose to decorate their home. Inevitably, people displayed little clues about where they were from and where they’d visited. I think even if a house is temporary, we all like to be surrounded by objects that remind us of the intangible imprints that meaningful places leave on us.

These thoughts and preparing the photos for my blog posts eventually led to the idea of opening the etsy shop. About half of the photographs featured are from the Middle East. The other half are from Europe and North America. There is a good mix of expected shots and less predictable shots, and a variety of subject matter: landscapes, street photography, architecture, a bit of food photography and lots of pretty doors. 🙂

I ship internationally and I’ll be adding more photos regularly. I hope you’ll check it out here and please consider sharing the shop or individual prints on social media. Thank you so much!

Below is a sample of photos in the shop. (The frames are provided for illustrative purposes only – I sell unmatted, unframed prints for easier shipping and to give the customer more flexibility in how they display the print.)

doha man


Dubai souk

abra creek


burj and cayan duo

camels closer

amman ruins 2

milan cathedral

verona more close up

liwa camel

New orleans door trio

About Lynda

Longhorns and Camels is a blog about exploring Dubai from the perspective of an expat from Texas. It features stories about living in Dubai including descriptions of local culture and popular activities in the region. It also includes photography of the UAE and other countries abroad. It has been recommended by several well-known guides for expatriates: InterNations, ExpatWoman and Expat Focus.
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16 Responses to Imprints At Home and Away

  1. Dalia H. Linssen says:

    Woohoo! Congrats on getting the etsy site and running. The photographs look fabulous!

  2. Amazing photography! I wish you good luck with your new Etsy shop!

  3. Diana says:

    These are so gorgeous!!!! I love the scooter one! Looks staged! I live here and never find photo ops that cute!

  4. spicyessence says:

    Amazing job on the pictures! Good luck with your Etsy site!! Are you on Instagram also?

  5. Congrats and best of luck on your new Etsy store Lynda! With photographs like yours it’s bound to be a big success, and given the subjects, unique as well – never a bad thing. ~James

  6. I wish you all the best with your Imprints at Home and Away. You have a great eye and captured lovely photographs, thus the premises should be perfect.

  7. Mitzie Mee says:

    Congratulations on your shop! The photos look absolutely stunning! Well done:)

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