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Istanbul, 2 shots of whisky and 1 crazy taxi driver

As soon as the passenger next to me on our flight from Dubai to Istanbul popped open his big bottle of whisky he had just bought in duty-free, I knew the trip would be interesting and unpredictable. Johanna and I had bought a … Continue reading

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Istanbul – It’s All in the Details

News of a transatlantic move. Three weeks until blast off.  Husband suggests trip so no regrets later. To-do list with pressing matters examined. Guilt ensues. Friend agrees to go. Tickets booked. To-do list thrown out window for three days.  Istanbul… here … Continue reading

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Feeling Alive at the Dead Sea

The drive down from Petra via the winding King’s Highway was full of beautiful and varied scenery. I took most of these from the car as we drove.   After a few stops, we arrived at the Dead Sea a … Continue reading

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Petra: we came, we saw, we did not conquer

My travel motto lately is:  Start with low expectations; high expectations just ruin things. I thought Petra would be the highlight of our trip.  I’ve read so many descriptions that try to prepare you by saying nothing can prepare you for its … Continue reading

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A Glimpse of Amman, Jordan

Beautiful Aqaba perched on the edge of the Red Sea.  Shimmering red and gold desert sand punctuated with interesting geological formations in Wadi Rum.  Petra and its rose-colored magnificence.  The beguiling and rejuvenating Dead Sea. Contemporary urban buzz rooted in ancient … Continue reading

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