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A Retrospective

As 2015 comes to a close, it’s time for Longhorns and Camels to come to a close, too. I started the blog five years ago when we moved to Dubai. I can’t think of many things I’ve done consistently for five … Continue reading

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Top Dubai Souvenirs and Gift Ideas

Are you looking for a unique souvenir to bring to family and friends? Do you want to give something special to a friend who is moving away? (and we all know how often that happens!) Are you repatriating and looking … Continue reading

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Religious Tolerance in the UAE

When we lived in Dubai, I had planned to do a post about Christian churches in Dubai after visiting the Catholic church, St. Mary’s.  I thought many people may be surprised to know that there is a degree of religious tolerance … Continue reading

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My sister asked me recently, “Don’t you miss Dubai?” My gut response was no, not because I didn’t enjoy my time there or appreciate many aspects of the city, but because I really love being home again. I tried to backtrack … Continue reading

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Jumeirah Mosque

  One of the reasons I love the Jumeirah Mosque is because of its location. It’s in an older neighborhood and I like the rustic charm of the area.   I’ll trade the sterile perfection of most streets for some … Continue reading

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