Dubai’s Skyscrapers: A Photo Tour

Dubai skyscrapers

When you think of Dubai’s skyscrapers, maybe you think of one of these:


Dubai is full of other interesting buildings that don’t get much recognition. I had planned to spend a day with my camera taking pictures of some of the pretty buildings downtown. (To see buildings in the Marina, click here.) Well, time ran out so instead I snapped these on my last few days with my mobile phone as I was running errands. Maybe it’s not the most representative collection, but it’s my last-ditch effort to remember what Dubai looked like in 2014, as it’s sure to look very different, very soon, with all the construction that’s going on.

The Dusit Thani hotel:

The Address hotel:

Dubai International Financial Centre



Emirates Towers

dubai skyscrapers 3

skyscrapers Dubai 8


dubai skyscrapers 1DSC_0535Dubai skyscrapers 9



metro on Sheikh Zayed Road

I once read that 25% of all the world’s cranes were in Dubai. Then I read that was just an urban myth. True or not, there does seem to be a LOT of cranes around!

Dubai construction 6

One thing I liked about Dubai when we first arrived was the clear view of the skyline on Sheikh Zayed Road from lots of places on Al Wasl Road and Jumeirah Beach Road. These views are disappearing as more and more shopping malls and development are planned for the area.

dubai construction 1 Dubai construction 8

Future home of the Dubai Opera House:

Dubai construction 7

I wanted to take a pictures of these guys while they were working, but they wanted to pose. After I snapped this, their boss came over and asked what I was doing. I suddenly felt a little afraid. “Ummm, just documenting the growth of Dubai, sir.” He smiled and said he wanted to make sure nothing was wrong.  That made me feel like something must be wrong. Or maybe he was just annoyed that I was distracting the workers.

The heat index was around 125F (51C) when I took this. Just standing outside for a few minutes to take these photos was extremely uncomfortable, so I can’t imagine what it would be like to dig ditches or lift heavy machinery. These guys are amazing.

Here are just a handful of the countless workers who are turning a sleepy fishing village into a cosmopolitan city attracting millions of visitors ever year.

Dubai construction 5 Dubai construction 4


Dubai construction 2 Dubai construction 3


Dubai construction


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13 Responses to Dubai’s Skyscrapers: A Photo Tour

  1. aBs says:

    I loved this post, though it made me miss Dubai terribly! Did you know that the Dusit Thani hotel was designed to look like Thai prayer hands?

  2. Diana says:

    Lyn….these structures are so super cool. Just like aBs above, who is missing Dubai, I am all nostalgic about my visit there around this time last year.

  3. Mitzie Mee says:

    I think we share the same skyscraper taste:) Strange reaction from the construction workers’ boss. In Denmark, there’s a lot of focus on the Doha workers’ conditions these days (and no, Denmark isn’t impressed). I don’t think the conditions in Qatar differ very much from the conditions the workers in Dubai are faced with, so maybe the boss was afraid that the spotlight was now on him and Dubai:)

    • Lynda says:

      Qatar must get a lot of attention b/c they are preparing for the World Cup – but I agree – I think conditions are pretty much the same in Dubai. I also heard the artists whose work would be included in the Louvre Abu Dhabi didn’t want their work to be shown there unless the conditions for workers improved, but I feel like the attention to these things is kind of waning in Dubai. Anyway – I agree with you – he probably didn’t want any negative attention!

  4. I like your photos of Dubai. And you’re right. There are tons of building in Dubai.
    A local friend once told me that every building only exist for about 5 years. Then they take it down and build a new one. I’m not quiet sure whether it’s true or not 😀 But I get the point. They are building new skyscrapers everywhere and all the time!

    • Lynda says:

      Thanks so much! Ha! Yes, it does feel like buildings that are not very old are being torn down – and yes – new ones are going up nonstop. Interesting to see a city rise from the sand. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Dubai has some amazing skyscrapers. It’s such a futuristic city. I love your photographs of the architectural marvel.

  6. Dalia H. Linssen says:

    By the way, I LOVED this post!!!

  7. Andy Smart says:

    That’s it > I want one. Mine’s the bigger than Big Ben tower so there!

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