Feeling Alive at the Dead Sea

The drive down from Petra via the winding King’s Highway was full of beautiful and varied scenery. I took most of these from the car as we drove.


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After a few stops, we arrived at the Dead Sea a few hours after leaving Petra.  When I was a high school teacher, I remember teaching my students about how the Dead Sea is “dying” or shrinking (The water of its main tributary, the Jordan River, is diverted for agriculture to support the booming populations in Jordan and Israel.  The water is also pumped by fertilizer companies. Some estimates predict it will be gone by 2050.).  It was surreal to see it in person.  It was beautiful and serene in a way I didn’t expect.

At the shore, we slathered on the infamously rejuvenating Dead Sea mud and then watched it slowly dissipate in the salty water, leaving behind refreshed and silky smooth skin.  The water was a beautiful greenish-blue color and so clear.  For some reason I expected it to be murky.  When I forced my feet straight down, fighting the buoyancy of my body in the water, I could still see my toes clearly.  Then up they would float, bobbing at the surface with no effort on my part.  Floating… quiet… tranquil.

dead sea sign

That’s 1,377 feet!

dead sea walkway

Dead Sea rocks

Dead Sea and olive leaf

Dead Sea Mud

Dead Sea and Jordanian flag dead sea and infinity pool

Sunset produced an amazing kaleidoscope of colors within a 20 minute time frame: gold, purple, orange, pink.  I snapped a few pics with our phone.


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Maybe the extra oxygen in the air went to my head, but I did not want to leave!  The Dead Sea was a little slice of heaven and such a great way to end our trip to Jordan.

Fun facts about the Dead Sea:

DSC_6205The Dead ‘Sea’ is actually a large lake at the end of the Jordan River.



It’s called the Dead Sea because it’s so salty (around 10 times saltier than the ocean) and therefore unable to sustain any marine life (aside from some bacteria)


Water flows into the Dead Sea from the Jordan River.  Evaporation occurs at a rapid rate, leaving salt and lots of minerals behind.  This process produces a hazy environment that filters out harmful UVB rays.

DSC_6205The air here is unusually highly oxygenated and the water is so dense that floating is inevitable.

DSC_6205Dead sea water and mud have clinically proven health benefits.


DSC_6205Floating in the Dead Sea is not as easy as it sounds! It’s easy to flop around like an idiot while trying to get in.  Splashing is a no-no since the water really burns eyes and tastes terrible.  Your best bet is to just lie back gently as soon as possible, even if the water is very shallow.  And do not try turning on your tummy – trust me – more splashing will ensue. 🙂




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17 Responses to Feeling Alive at the Dead Sea

  1. Pat Ponthier says:

    Lynda that is so very beautiful have fun

  2. This brings back memories. I loved my trip to Jordan in 2011, and my time at Petra and the calming, rejuvenating Dead Sea. Did you have a mud massage? Thanks for taking me along. 🙂

    • Lynda says:

      Isn’t Jordan lovely? I didn’t have a massage, mainly because I felt like the entire experience was spa-like and didn’t feel the need. But in hindsight it would have been icing on the cake!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing your travel moment 🙂

  4. Anonymous says:

    So happy you were able to go on your trip to Jordan….what a great experience. The pictures are beautiful especially the one of the sunset over the Dead Sea.. it looks so peaceful.

    Can’t wait to see you….Mama

    • Lynda says:

      Aww – thanks so much for commenting. It always makes me smile. 🙂 I wish you could have been there. I think we need to get you and Daddy there…

  5. Diana says:

    Hey….so I would have expected the water to be murky too….gosh…..I need to get over there to get some of that silky skin! 🙂

  6. The Dead Sea must have been an amazing place. I can understand your desire not to leave. Beautiful photos!

  7. Lost this one in my inbox. Jordan looks fantastic! On my list of places to go.

  8. Mitzie Mee says:

    Such a fascinating place. Sounds like a great experience:)

  9. Wow!! Lind you are beautifull here… First slideshow shown is awesome…. Really nice realistic images….

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