Jaunt to Gibraltar

view from upper rock of Gibraltar

View from the upper rock, Gibraltar


Gibraltar is fascinating for a few reasons: 1) Its strange terrain.  Most of the land area is covered by limestone and like the UAE, its residents rely on desalinated water.  2) Its location – jutting into the Mediterranean with a view of Africa.  3) Its history and political status.  It’s a territory of the UK, despite being located in Southern Spain.  Make sure to bring your passport if you plan to visit.


Gibraltar street

We went on a Sunday so most things were closed, but the streets still looked charming.

The Barbary Macaques (the tailless monkeys that live in the upper rock) are creepy.  I’m not a fan, but I knew the kids would love ’em.  They are known to jump on people and cars, grab your belongings and might bite, so don’t get too close!  Legend says when the monkeys leave the rock, so will the British leave Gibraltar. Ha!

Gibraltar monkey in rocks

Can you spot the monkey?

Gibraltar monkey riding on car

This one hitched a ride on our car!

A couple of views from the upper rock.

Gibraltar view at sunset

Gibraltar view at sunset

There is a lot to do in Gibraltar that is not pictured here: tour the tunnels dug during WWII by the British, explore a great cave with impressive stalagmites, or wander around an old Moorish castle.  Click here for more information.  Next up: Granada.


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8 Responses to Jaunt to Gibraltar

  1. sarahhedonista says:

    I haven’t been to Gibraltar in years, but I remember loving it, except for the crazy monkeys. Have to go back! Thanks for the revisit.

  2. Gibraltar has some very interesting graves of British citizens, too. It was a stopping-off point for passengers between Britain and India, in the days before aeroplanes. I loved wandering around the cemeteries during the few days I was there in 2004, and recommend it for genealogists

  3. Diana says:

    Those monkeys would TOTALLY freak me out! Great pics!

    • I was just grateful they didn’t jump on any of us. I hear plastic bags encourage them and sure enough, a trio of tourists, one of whom had a plastic bag, had them climbing all over them. There’s no way I’d be able to keep my cool!

  4. Suze says:

    I absolutely loved the monkeys! 🙂

    • Really?! That’s funny. I just don’t like the unpredictability… one minute they could be looking at a snack in their hand, they next they might take a flying leap onto your shoulder. It makes me nervous!

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