Happy Three Kings Day!

Malaga cathedral

It’s tradition to take a pic of the Malaga cathedral from a different perspective on every trip.

Today is a holiday in Spain known as Dia de Los Reyes (or simply Reyes) and commemorates when the three kings visited baby Jesus.  Spanish children receive gifts on this day instead of Christmas.  In recent years, a little something may be given on Christmas as well, but January 6th is the day for opening presents.  The Spanish are proud of this tradition and generally resist and are even critical of the idea of Santa Claus (Papa Noel) encroaching on their gift giving holiday. Usually the night before Reyes, Roscon de Reyes is served which is very similar to king’s cake popular in New Orleans during Mardi Gras.  Here are a few pictures from our recent trip to Spain to celebrate this holiday.  More on Spain next time.


spain olive branch


Sierra Blanca

Unfortunately, that animal is not real. Tempting, but I couldn’t lie! 🙂

View of Marbella

View of Marbella. I love how the ocean blends in with the sky.

big meals, lots of wine

orange tree spain

Lelo’s pretty orange tree dripping with countless oranges!


A Spanish New Year's tradition - eating one grape for every chime of the clock at midnight. It's good luck if you can eat them all in time. It's tough!

A Spanish New Year’s tradition – eating one grape for every chime of the clock at midnight. It’s good luck if you can eat them all in time. It’s tough!

Pretty Christmas lights in central Malaga

Pretty Christmas lights in central Malaga

christmas lights Malaga (2)Christmas lights Malaga



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16 Responses to Happy Three Kings Day!

  1. spicyessence says:

    Wow this is pretty awesome! I recently found out that Coptic people celebrate Christmas on January 7th.. Love learning about new cultures..can’t wait to hear more about your Spain trip!

  2. Marthafied says:

    I work with a few Spanish people and they have told me about Los Reyes…. and how if you have been naughty and not nice, they leave you coal (??) instead of gifts… never been to Spain… looks so beautiful!! Especially the southern parts… with the mix of influence from North Africa in architecture… would love to go to Seville!

    • Santa leaves coal to the naughty ones too! 🙂 On my first trip to Spain, it was definitely the southern part that was most captivating to me for that exact reason you said – the Moorish influence was so interesting and I fell in love with the architecture. You should go – you would love it. 🙂

  3. Diana says:

    Love the pic of the little girl in the red dress!!! And by the way….Italian kids get the coal too if they have been bad. Lots of similarities for the Italy and Spain during the holidays….coal, red underwear on New Years Eve…and of course…..food rules! 🙂

  4. Sally says:

    I haven’t been to Spain for years and years but your pics make me want to go now. Love the image of the little girl in the dress in the street.

  5. I remember the tradition with Dia de Los Reyes when I lived in Spain many, many years ago. And, yes it’s something they are very proud of. Great images from Spain.

  6. Mitzie Mee says:

    I celebrated New Year’s Eve in Marbella, and I remember the 12 grapes. I think they came with a big paper bag along with all sorts of other things:)

  7. I really enjoyed these photographs and hearing about the traditions too. I haven’t been getting notices of your posts for some reason. That happens a lot with WP! Thanks for stopping by today. I followed you home! 🙂 I’ll unfollow and refollow.

    • Thank you George! I’m happy you were able to find me but selfishly I’m happy it happened to you and not me. 🙂 I always really enjoy reading all of your posts – you have a special talent for bringing your garden to life for your readers (even when writing about death.) Take care.

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