Discovering Doha, part 2

The same weekend we went to Doha, I happened to come across this article about where the world’s millionaires live. This top 15 list ranked households with a million dollars or more in assets as a percentage of all households in the country.  Dubai, with all its flashiness and pomp, is only number 9 on the list.  Doha comes in at number 1 with millionaires representing 14.3% of its population.

The very next morning in Doha, I opened up the newspaper,The Peninsula, to this front page article about how construction companies are largely ignoring guidelines set to establish decent living quarters for the laborers.

It’s this all-too-familiar dichotomy that colors any visit to big cities in the Gulf.  Shinning skyscrapers.  Blue jumpsuits.  Custom-painted Rolls Royces.  Rickety labor buses.  Conspicuous consumption.  Dumpster diving.  I know I’ve written about it before and maybe it’s becoming an old hat, but I still find that it encroaches on my experiences like a dark looming shadow.

The slideshow below features some pictures of our evening at Souq Waqif and I also included a few snapshots of buildings we passed while driving through Doha.  The souk was a pleasant surprise.  A market has existed here for decades, but even though the structure looks old, it’s newly built. (Nothing here is as it seems.)  Some might say it’s a bit Disneyfied, but the vibe is authentic and really quite vibrant. There were more local women here than I’ve ever seen anywhere in the Gulf outside of a shopping mall.  In the evening, the breeze picked up and even though it was hot and humid, we enjoyed window shopping and marveling at the trinkets for sale.  It’s a fabulous place to eat ice cream, drink mint lemonades and people watch.  

For a more thorough review of Doha, visit this post by fellow Dubai blogger The Hedonista

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14 Responses to Discovering Doha, part 2

  1. Really looking forward to this move! Thanks for making it appealing! Your photos are lovely!

  2. sarahhedonista says:

    lovely shots! (and thanks for the link xx)

  3. safia says:

    Great photos – they really take us there. Thanks for posting this. I must do my best to travel to Doha this year.

    • Thank you! Yes – you should go – and the best part is, you can cover it in a weekend. I’m sure it’s much more pleasant with more to do when it’s not summer and as hot as it was when we went.

  4. Kavita Joshi says:

    great pics…nice blog you have here dear

  5. Diana says:

    Lyn! These pics are FAB! LOVES THOSE CHICKS!!! Also the market! Wonderful!

  6. Marthafied says:

    I would’ve never thought that Doha would be at the top of millionaire lists… we are in the middle of the “Arab millionaire season” here in London, where the very, very rich escape the heat of the summer and descend on London, its light drizzle and its luxury shops…lol….

    • ha! I read about that in a “chick lit” book about Dubai. I had never heard of that before, despite being married to a Londoner. 🙂 I definitely understand the appeal – I wish I was there too – this morning the heat index was 52C before noon. Crazy!

  7. Sally says:

    I haven’t visited Doha but didn’t expect it to look like this. Great pics and a different view point.

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