Happy Anniversary to Us… Again!

Seems like just yesterday when I wrote our 1 year anniversary post.  Here we are again, coming up on 2 years on Dubai.

This anniversary not only marks how long we’ve lived in Dubai, but also how long I’ve been blogging.  I really didn’t know much about it:  I didn’t know how to use the software, didn’t subscribe to any blogs, and thought the whole thing sounded a little too self-indulgent for my liking.  But I knew I wanted to document some of my experiences and thoughts about living in Dubai so that I could share them with my children when they get older.  I also wanted to share stories with friends and family without having to send lots of emails.

I have grown quite attached to Longhorns and Camels!  Part of that has to do with the way it has enabled me to discover other people’s blogs.  There are so many talented writers and photographers out there.  And the cool thing is, bloggers are super friendly and very encouraging of each other’s efforts.

One of the ways bloggers support each other is through awards.  I am very honored to have been nominated twice and I apologize to those who gave me the awards for my very tardy response!

Music enthusiast and writer extraordinaire at I Made you a Mixtape nominated me for the Versatile Blogger award.  Her blog is creative and so engaging, and the best part is, she’s introduced me to lots of cool new music!  I always look forward to reading her posts.  Check out her blog when you can.

Fellow expat, Anne, at Writing Just Because nominated me for the Super Sweet Award.  Anne is the only blogger I follow who I’ve actually met in person.  Fittingly given the title of the award, she’s a “sweet” and charming person.  Her blog covers a variety of topics related to expat living and she provides useful advice on how to use technology and social media to promote your writing.  She’s also written an accessible and useful book called @ Home in Dubai: Getting Connected Online and on the Ground about how to get settled in Dubai – a must read for any new expats in the area.

Sending a big thank you to both of you!

For the Versatile Blogger Award, the recipient (that’s me) must nominate 7 other blogs and give 7 facts about yourself.

(I’m sure most if not all of these blogs have already been nominated by others…)

My 7 blogs are:

Mimo Khair Photography

Hands down my favorite photography blog.  Stunning images day after day.  I especially love her portraits.

Parallel Universe

Written by a fellow Texan expat living in Dubai, Angela is a journalist who posts interesting and relevant stories about Dubai and the region, some of which have been published in newspapers and magazines like the New York Times.  She also includes personal posts about trips to fascinating places like India and Afghanistan.

Abu Phampi

Includes beautiful photography primarily of the UAE but of other areas too.  It’s written in Spanish but you can try the Google translate button if you want to read it in English.  If that fails, just look at the pretty pictures. 🙂

Alz Blog

A blog about architecture, landscape and design.  Features the amazing work of architects and other artists who you may not know, and reminds you of the ones you admire.

I Was an Expat Wife

Features interesting book reviews, anecdotes about her former expat life, and insightful posts about challenges expats face such as culture shock and repatriation.  A great resource for any expat.

Munchow’s Creative Photo Blog

Musings about the creative process and awesome photos – especially those from Cuba.

Living in La Celle Sans Clue

Canadian expat who moved from Dubai and landed in Paris.  Features charming pictures and stories about her new life in an adorable little town outside of Paris.

My  7 facts:

  1. I love to take naps and then stay up late.
  2. I can’t survive without my morning triumvirate: coffee cream and sugar.  If one of those is missing, it makes for a very unpleasant start to the day.
  3. I only like to watch sports when the team from my city/country is in the playoffs or finals.  Then I become a die hard fan.
  4. I used to listen to music nonstop throughout the day.  Now that I have children, I love absolute silence.
  5. My favorite color is purple.
  6. I’m the fourth of five daughters.  Nope, no brothers.
  7. My inbox has 7,302 emails dating back to 1998.

For the Super Sweet Award, you must nominate a Baker’s Dozen (13) of blogs to receive the award and answer the questions that follow.  I don’t follow all that many blogs, so I’ll just nominate a few food-related blogs I like since this award is related to sweets.

Rufus’ Food and Spirits Guide

Easy, tasty recipes, including fun cocktails.  Plus, its little quips make it fun to read.

Inside Nanabread’s Head

Delicious recipes and creative craft ideas.  Her fun personality shines through in her posts, plus she has two cute grandkids who make cameos. She lives in Houston and also has four sisters so I knew I’d be a fan!

Ginger and Scotch

As it turns out, there are quite a few food bloggers in Dubai and many of them are great.  But this is the first one I found and I always enjoy her posts.  Features, among other things, tips on how to make Vietnamese food (and this is something I would definitely need a LOT of help with), restaurant reviews, anecdotes from travels and cute pics of her son.

“Super Sweet” Questions:

1. Cookies or Cake?   Cake.  Preferably Italian cream or carrot.  Although if there’s a bag of Pepperidge Farm Milano cookies around, I’ll eat the whole thing in one sitting.

2. Chocolate or Vanilla?    Usually vanilla

3. What is your favorite sweet treat?  Tough to narrow down, but there are few things more glorious in my book than a freshly made, warm chocolate croissant.  French toast is pretty fabulous too.

4. When do you crave sweet things the most?   During my third pregnancy, and I’m still paying the price.

5. If you had a sweet nickname, what would it be?  I’m not creative enough to answer this one – sorry!

Thanks again to my blogging friends who nominated me and here’s to another year of blogging!


About Lynda

Longhorns and Camels is a blog about exploring Dubai from the perspective of an expat from Texas. It features stories about living in Dubai including descriptions of local culture and popular activities in the region. It also includes photography of the UAE and other countries abroad. It has been recommended by several well-known guides for expatriates: InterNations, ExpatWoman and Expat Focus.
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7 Responses to Happy Anniversary to Us… Again!

  1. angelashah says:

    aww, thank you for the nice words!

  2. Aww…thank you for the lovely mention. :o) and Happy Anniversary! I have been an expat for most of my life and I wish blogging would’ve existed back in the day- it would’ve been so much easier to keep in touch with friends and family (OK- we are talking late 1980s- early 1990s here… no internet nor computer for that matter…well, at least at home…). In addition to music, I have recently discovered a passion for architecture and interior design…well, basically houses… and Alz Blog is amazing! Thanks for the introduction! Amazing pictures… I have just clicked “Follow”…. ;o)

  3. Wow… what a nice surprise! Thanks for the mention! And, happy anniversary too. Time sure does fly doesn’t it. We left Dubai just a little over a year ago and our expat adventure continues! Hope all’s well with you.

    Anne 🙂

  4. andydbrown says:


  5. AbuPhampi says:

    Thank you for the mention! If you knew how mant times I’ve thought about blogging in English to tell the world how amazing and excentric this part of the planet is… Im happy to see that it can be followed though ;P Keep on posting and happy aniversary!

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