Sun and Sand

The weather for the last few months has been nothing short of nasty.  Highs are now consistently hitting 40C+ (104F) but that’s not even the worst part.  Almost every day, week after week, the air is so congested that visibility is greatly reduced and you feel like you’re living in some kind of foggy soup.  Even the grand Burj Khalifa, at times almost totally obscured, is no match for the relentless sand and dust.  When will it clear up?

I think I wrote a very similar post last May.  I guess it takes a while to get used to this extreme weather.  It’s going to be one long… hot… harsh summer.

Burj Khalifa on a clear day

and lately

Burj al Arab on a clear day

and lately


A dreary Dubai sunset


About Lynda

Longhorns and Camels is a blog about exploring Dubai from the perspective of an expat from Texas. It features stories about living in Dubai including descriptions of local culture and popular activities in the region. It also includes photography of the UAE and other countries abroad. It has been recommended by several well-known guides for expatriates: InterNations, ExpatWoman and Expat Focus.
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8 Responses to Sun and Sand

  1. Hey Lynda,
    Looks pretty bleak. We’ve traded the sandstorms for torrential rain! Rainy season has arrived early here in Phuket but at least it makes everything green and you don’t have to sweep it.
    Never fear… summer always leads into fall and back to outdoor BBQs and walks on the beach. Reminds me of the years of hibernating during the long, cold winters in Canada! I guess no where’s perfect and you’ve got to take the good with the bad, eh?

    • Hi Anne! Good to hear from you. Yes, so true, no place is perfect. I guess I’m a little grumpy since this will be my first full summer in Dubai and there’s no escape plan in place! 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Lynda,
    Hope the weather clears up before we come …..looks like a big sand storm. Most important and so happy we will be with you when little one arrives. Love reading your blogs on Dubai…so proud of you.

    Love you,

  3. Shannon says:

    That was at least one consolation last year to the heat. If it’s going to be 45C/113F, at least there better be beautiful, blue skies. Grrrr. It’s gross.

  4. Molly says:

    Ooof, depressing. And how hot are you? I bet you can’t wait to not be pregnant. Keep us posted–can’t wait to hear!

  5. diana says:

    Hi Lyn! Ugggg……it looks kind of apocalyptic! Your before pics really help show just how bad it is……life in the desert!

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