Amazing Oman, part 2 (of 3)

View of old Muscat

One of the Sultan’s palaces. Apparently he does not live here, but uses it to entertain guests.

perimeter of palace

perimeter of palace

Beautiful ocean around the palace

One of the two forts near the palace that were built in the 1500s during the Portuguese occupation

immaculately landscaped area around the palace

This reminds me a lot of southern Spain

I love the colorful minarets of Muscat and how they look more vibrant when contrasted against the rugged, dry mountains and earthy colors of the forts. In the UAE, mosques are often very neutral in color from top to bottom. They are usually variations of shades of the desert: golden tan, beige, yellow, peachy cream, etc.

After a lot of walking around, we were in desperate need of food and hydration. This is my friend Chelsea at a restaurant our taxi driver brought us to and we had a great meal. It was not only tasty, but super cheap. For 2 salads, 3 waters, 2 lemon juice/mint drinks (our staple drink while in Muscat – so refreshing!), and a generous serving of vegetable masala, we paid only 3.4 rials total ($9.00!) At one point we noticed we were the only women eating here and then saw a family room. We asked our waiter if we should move. He looked a little confused and said no, we were fine. Despite there being few women around in general, we always felt very comfortable. No one stared at us or made us feel unwelcome or inappropriate.

We ventured around Old Muscat a bit and came across this adorable little boy in a charming doorway.

I first saw his sister, a pre-teen maybe, but when I asked if I could take her picture she declined. Then this little guy came bashfully peeking out.

What in the world is a 1960 something Cadillac El Dorado doing in old Muscat?

This is me at another pit-stop (this time, back at the Corniche) super happy with my “healthy” fruit smoothie that was unexpectedly full of ice-cream. The fruit places here are a little touristy, but nonetheless a nice place to regroup.

We took a quick zip through Ruwi – the commercial area of the city where many Indians and Pakistanis work and live. It was a bustling Friday afternoon with the streets packed with people.

Pretty sunset at the beach to wrap up the day.

View of the Royal Opera House


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2 Responses to Amazing Oman, part 2 (of 3)

  1. ~mimo~ says:

    Beautiful photos! I especially love the white arches!

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