All that glitters… part 2

 Today’s visit to the vegetable, fruit, fish and meat markets and perfume souk


Heather making a purchase. This vendor was really nice and his produce was amazing!

the scales were really old-school



I've never seen blue crabs before


It's too bad the background is so overexposed because this man was really interesting looking.



The dried fish section. Do you smell fish yet?



mountains of dates


From one strong smell to another… the perfume souk


About Lynda

Longhorns and Camels is a blog about exploring Dubai from the perspective of an expat from Texas. It features stories about living in Dubai including descriptions of local culture and popular activities in the region. It also includes photography of the UAE and other countries abroad. It has been recommended by several well-known guides for expatriates: InterNations, ExpatWoman and Expat Focus.
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6 Responses to All that glitters… part 2

  1. Kellie says:

    did you play guess the random vegetable? every time we went to the market we would see these amazing gourds and random things. We would then have a pigeon arabic conversation about what they were and how you cooked them. We did buy some once just to look them up. In Oman it was a lot of local stuff from up in the mountains which was nice and tastier than some of the ‘local’ stuff in the supermarket.
    I have smell-a-vision on the fish market you are a brave woman, and was it goat for tea!

    • lyndasm says:

      Hey Kellie! I so wish you guys were still living in this neck of the woods. Umm, yes, we tried to ask a few questions about some of the veggies, for instance, where they came from, but communication was tough. 🙂 We chatted about where we were all from, but that was the most coherent thing discussed. Making the leap to where the veggies were from proved too difficult. Yes, much of it looked WAY nicer than what we pay 5X more for at the grocery store. This was my first time here – will be going back for sure!

  2. Jess says:

    These are great, Lyn! This place looks fun. Have you ever been to any of the markets or grocery stores in Chinatown here in Houston? The first time I went, I was like dying from the smell of fish there! It was like NOTHING I’d ever smelled before. I wonder if this place is like that because they have all the fish out in the same way… in any case… it’s a lot more pretty! All these pictures that you post keep making me think of this:

    Ha-ha! Miss you!

    • Ah ha ha!! Hilarious!

      No – I never saw the Houston fish market! I can’t believe it! We’ll have to go when I’m in town. The fish smell…. well, yes, it was pretty offensive and I did smell like it when I came home. Yuck. But it actually wasn’t as bad as I expected, probably because before we went I had read the page on this website ( that says, “As it is with all fish markets, this souk is also very smelly and dirty. The souk is not meant for people with weak stomachs. People who cannot stand the rancid smells and the butchers at their work should not come to the fish souk. Those who can, it would be indeed smart on their part if they wore old clothes and shoes; in case they get spoiled you can always throw them away. Else, better it’s better to go waterproof. “I was really expecting the WORST possible scenario after reading that – ha ha! Made it sound like there would be fish guts flinging everywhere or something?? We were actually surprised at how clean it was – despite having lots of open air passages and accessibility, there were very few flies or other insects. And yes, it did smell like LOTS of fish (b/c the place is HUGE with tons of workers – not sure if you can see that in the pics), but it wasn’t too overwhelming and everything looked very fresh.
      Can’t wait to see you soon!!! xoxoxo

  3. Great photographs! Thanks for showing us a little of the market, I am considering visiting it 😀

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